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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Talking Turkey

“I’m being followed by a moon shadow, leaping and hopping on a moon shadow… If I ever lose my hands,  lose my plow, lose my land, I won’t have to work no more…”
I’m trying hard to be thankful today.. for something.  I’m not picky.  Like a clinging vine, I’ll latch on to anything if it’ll get me through the holiday. 
I have all of my limbs.  I guess that’s a good thing.  As useless as my leg has become, I must be a pretty big person to forgive it like this.  The determination to distract myself from the pain has become something of a challenge, and who doesn’t love a good challenge?  It’s like my own personal Sunday crossword puzzle, except it’s every day. 
That’s an awful lot of fun for just one person to have every day.
I’m thankful for the elusion of sleep – apparently I am at my creative best!  Churning out words of prim and prose; it’s a wonder I haven’t been awarded the Nobel Prize of Insomnia.  Gonna have to look in to that, because if it’s not an award yet, it should be.  Putting it on my mental list right now.
Ah, yes, and I’m thankful for my ‘to-do’ list.  Without it I wouldn’t have too much to think about at night, therefore I’d destroy my creative streak with all that sleep.  Can’t have that if I’m going to go for that prize.  The idea of 'Occupying' my mattress is an appealing one, minus the tent though.
I’ve spent much time this year reflecting on the loss of certain friends.  My BFF of 32 years dumped me this past spring.  Another friend tossed me over after accusing me of some petty crime regarding his new girlfriend.  I am thankful to see the light, however.  I’ve been looking at it all wrong!  I no longer have to deal with her daily catastrophes and his snippy, snarky outlook on life. 
Which in turn has had great influence on my health – my blood pressure has gotten back down to normal range.  My heart no longer wants to push through my chest like a clown bursting from a cannon.  My blood doesn’t race like an Indy car gunning for that milk jug in Victory Lane.

Yes, things have sure quieted down some in my topsy-turvy world. 
I am thankful for the economy taking a dive because I’d long forgotten the value of a dollar.  I see the error now because what ‘new math’ has shown me is that the dollar no longer has any value.  Whew!  Just think, if I were out there spending it freely like I used to, I’d be doing it all wrong!
And how could I not be indebted to my family for strengthening my mental and physical prowess?  I’ve become so quick on my feet, literally and figuratively, I could take on anyone in this big, bad world.  Sparring, jabbing, kicking and let’s not forget the wit I have sharpened on the holiday carving knife – just before it’s plunged into the nearest back.
I coulda been a contendah.

Figures – my husband wants to put a damper on this great pity dance of mine.  Coming up behind me as I write, singing dumb love songs as he leans in for a kiss.  Taking my hand and wanting to take me home, away from the rest of the world, where our fuzzy family awaits us.  He’ll probably want to build a fire, talk to me about my day and his, and generally pester me with a hug as I walk by. 
Okay, I’ve laid the turkey out on the table.  I’ve gobbled and whined and dined.  Time to put it all away for another year as I welcome friends to my home for Christmas visits and appreciate the roof over our head, while we still have one.  I’ll see my charity bucket fill with the kindness of strangers, as they give in my drive to provide toys for those who truly have nothing to smile about. 
Gratitude really shouldn’t be saved up to be worn like a Girl Scout badge one day out of the year.  It’s something to strive for, but it takes work.  It should be constant, like a sunrise. 
How could I not be thankful when I know that gift-giving season is coming?  And there is no greater gift than something shiny from my favorite gadget store.
Not that that’s a hint or anything. 
Happy holidays, and thanks for reading all throughout the year.
“if I ever lose my eyes,  I won’t have to cry no more… “

© Kymberlie Ingalls, November 23, 2011
Lyrics:  Moon Shadow / Cat Stevens
 Video Clips:  Moon Shadow / Cat Stevens
Movie: On The Waterfront
Indianapolis 500, 2011 Victory Lane footage

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