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Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Grown-Up Christmas List

Amy Grant - My Grown-Up Christmas List

“Do you remember me?  I sat upon your knee and wrote to you of childhood fantasies…”

I want to be a Who.  I want to sing songs with words like pantookas and ding dang donglers.  Then I want to gather around a tree, hand in hand with my entire village of friends, watch it light up and bloom while we sing “Christmas day is in our grasp so long as we have hands to clasp!”

Dr. Seuss was never an idol of mine as a child, but I think he nailed this one pretty proficiently.  I’ve been the Grinch.  I’ve experienced my heart growing three sizes in one day.  Have watched others morph from their own Grinchiness.  And yes, this year my family will gather ‘round the roast beast – I’ll even dare to say it could be a merry occasion without the trepidation that I might just be jinxing it. 

It will be a small gathering, as it has been the last several years.  The family is dwindling.  This year, all over the nation, celebrations are shrinking along with our budgets and our hopes.  Expectations that next year will be any better than the last are disappearing like reindeer dashing away in the sky. 

I’ll keep my wish list simple this year.  For everyone but my husband, that is.  He still has some shopping to do. 

But for everyone else, I wish this:
A promising future for those with a long road ahead, and for those whose path has grown shorter but none less bright.

A year to bring wealth and blessings that aren’t always found at the bottom of a thinning wallet, and can’t be charged with a plastic wish.

An education that isn’t always found in a classroom, but at the hand of a teacher who doesn’t need an apple and a chalkboard to earn the title.

 A moment of happiness – more than one if you are so lucky – whether on a winter’s night when the moon brings about a luminous kiss, or a warm, sweet summer’s day when laughter rolls off of the sun’s tongue to tickle your ears.

Success that fills any little void leftover from these hard, recent times – or plants a seed to grow upon.  Find your inner Who - trim up your tree with bingle balls and wuzzle wuz.

World peace is out of our reach, but inner peace can be found quite simply by gazing upon the colored holiday lights, wrapped in the arms of a loved one or in a moment of solitude, a gift unto itself that doesn’t need a ribbon to be meaningful.

“This is my only lifelong wish, this is my grown-up Christmas list…”

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